Serifos, the 42nd largest island in the Aegean Sea, is part of the archipelago of the Cyclades. Serifos lies 62 nautical miles south-southeast of Piraeus and 20 miles southwest of Syros.

Ferry services linking Athens to the island every day. Serifos also, has direct links with the islands of Kythnos, Sifnos, Milos, Kimolos, Paros and Syros.

Almost circular in shape, it covers an area of 77.8 square kilometers.

Its population is distributed in 14 villages, the main of which is Chora..The terrain is rugged. Mountainous massifs occupy the center, punctuated by two small plateaux: the Kampos toy Alexandrou and Livaderon. The highest peak is Troulos ( 585 m asl ) and the main capes are Kyklopas in the southwest and Panagia in the northwest.

A fascinating place, with traditional ways and rular installations in its hinterland. Nature has endowed it with wonderful beaches, abundant streams and springs, rich earth that nurtures citrus trees, vines – from which the delicious red wine is produced- herbs and aromatic bushes, and a singularly intriguing subsoil with rare and semiprecious minerals and metals.

It's geometry is defined by the primitive terraces, that convert barren land into cultivable. These "stone- traces", following the flares of the site, the sea, the countless stone walls and the paths, give to the landscape its special character. Traces of mining to exploit this wealth are scattered over most of the island, creating a scenic effect beyond compare. All these elements, combined with Serifos continuous presence of the stage of history from Mycenaean times to the day, make it unique in the Aegean Sea and in Greece in general.